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BRU registration is not available for those who received their product without a serial number or for demos. If you do not have a valid BRU serial number, please do not attempt to use this form. Your registration will not be processed. You may contact our sales department for assistance at either or 480-505-0488. Thank you.

NOTE: If you are running BRU, BRU Server or BRU-Personal Edition that came bundled with your Linux distribution (Corel, TurboLinux, Mandrake, Red Hat, Caldera, Xandros...), you will not be able to register them. TOLIS Group does not support those products which have been distributed as part of your package. Contact your Linux distributor directly for support or, if you would like to purchase a supported version of BRU for your platform, please contact BRU Sales at 480-505-0488 or .