BRU Product Registration

Please select the registration option that best describes you or your product:

New Customers/New Product Registration

If you're a new customer or you are a current customer that has purchased a new product, please use this form to register your product.

Current Customers/Registration Update

If you're a current customer and would like to update the registration information for your serial number, please use this form to update your product registration information.

How do we use your registration information?

You should register your product to enable our technical support department to help you should you require assistance. Beyond this, by registering we will have both your telephone and e-mail contact information.  Having both pieces of information serves as a backup (backup is our business) should we experience difficulty to connect with you electronically or via the telephone.  Additionally, when your product is registered we can inform you of critical product updates as they become available.  You can rest assured your registration information resides within our support database on a secured server in our lab, and will never be made available to any other organization.  You can register your product using this web-based form, via mail, or fax.

For more information on what and how we use registration information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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